Viagra (sildenafil citrate) tablets

Statistical approach reveals that modern life style is more prone to diseases like impotence in men. Ever increasing stress and burden on them causes them to decrease libido and become a victim of erectile dysfunction. But, Pfizer pharmaceutical has been successful in producing a wonder drug that is so popular for relieving impotence on the very first attempt.

The drug, chemically, blocks the action of PDE5 on cGMP so as to cause increased concentration of cGMP in penile tissues leading to increased vasodilatation and sunsequent engorgement of penile erectile organs with inrush of blood. The process does not take place on its own rather it requires normally applied exual stimulation to trigger the role of drug in enhancing sexual erection of the penis.

Take 25mg pill is you want to start but 50mg is the optimally effective dosage. Take 100mg once per 24 hours of neither of the previous dosages workout. Possible side effects of the drug include dizziness, flushing, headache, nasal congestion, runny nose, dyspepsia, hearing fall and decreased or unexpected visual responses. Do not use nitrate containing drugs, erythromycin, beta blockers, protease inhibitors and other sex drugs along with Viagra. Hypotension might occur otherwise. Seek medical assistance in case of persistence of any of these symptoms. Do not take Viagra without consultation if you had liver, kidney or heart complications before.

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Sex is the need of every living thing and same is the case with human beings. You all are well familiar that for a man an erected penis is very necessary for the sexual activity. If the man is unable to get erection for sexual intercourse then it is said that he is suffering from erectile dysfunction. In the past, hundreds of people get this health problem but with the passage of time its ratio has increased. When the scientists saw that this sexual problem is increasing day by day then they try to make a medicine for its treatment. They succeeded in their work and made Viagra. Erectile dysfunction had become so much common in the people that Viagra became the mostly used medicine for the treatment of a sexual problem.

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Most men suffering from impotence think that their sex life is ruined forever. However, this is just one of the several scary myths surrounding this condition. Below is a discussion that helps to demystify some of the common myths about impotence.


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