Know about Viagra

Sex is the need of every living thing and same is the case with human beings. You all are well familiar that for a man an erected penis is very necessary for the sexual activity. If the man is unable to get erection for sexual intercourse then it is said that he is suffering from erectile dysfunction. In the past, hundreds of people get this health problem but with the passage of time its ratio has increased. When the scientists saw that this sexual problem is increasing day by day then they try to make a medicine for its treatment. They succeeded in their work and made Viagra. Erectile dysfunction had become so much common in the people that Viagra became the mostly used medicine for the treatment of a sexual problem. This drug is available in all chemist shop so people do not face any problem in finding it.

You have also other options for the treatment of erectile dysfunction for example you can use levitra or Cialis. These medicines act in a same manner on body as Viagra but Viagra is preferable over them. The main reasons of its preference are its cheap rate and easy availability.

Well, talking more about the erectile dysfunction you will come to know that it is also called as man impotence as it is a purely men sexual problem. Same is the case with Viagra that is used for its treatment. Some professional doctors and pharmacists also called Viagra as Sildenafil citrate. You can get Viagra easily from the market. Available doses of Viagra are 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. The selection of a right dose is very important so you should tell your doctor about your health problem. Besides this, you should also tell your family doctor about the previous diseases and health problems.

There are many side effects of using Viagra but most of them are caused by the non-serious behavior of user. In these side effects dizziness, headaches, heart attack and blurred vision are present. Heart attack is a uncommon side effect of Viagra and this is caused by the blockage of arteries due to the deposition of cholesterol and fats on their walls. Avoid eating those things which can cause this problem. Erectile dysfunction is not a very severe problem but it can become very harmful for the health if the infected person will not treat it immediately. The use of Viagra is very common in western countries as well as all around the world. As you know that mostly western people get this problem because they like to eat junk food. This junk food is main reason of erectile dysfunction. That is why the use of Viagra is great in these countries.

Some medicines which are used for the treatment of chest pain and heart problem contain nitrates. Doctors forbid using nitrates with Viagra because it can cause many severe health problems for you. So try to avoid such things which can be harmful for your health.