All causes of male Impotence

Everyone wants to enjoy his married life. The most important part in married life is love between husband and wife. In some cases, husband does not give importance to her wife and keep himself busy in office work. He neither cares about his own health nor about family. This thing leads to many differences between the family members and many relationships break at that stage. It is the duty of every husband to give time to both his professional life and social life. Another thing that can be missed in married life is sex. Sexual intercourse is very important. Most of the people are able to have sexual intercourse because they are healthy. There are some people who cannot have sex because they are suffering from different sexual problems. The most common sexual problem found in men is erectile dysfunction that is also called as sexual dysfunction in men.

The victim of sexual dysfunction cannot enjoy his married life like a normal person because he cannot have sex. For a satisfactory sexual intercourse, enough penile erection is necessary and without this it is impossible to have sex. The penis of affected person does not get erection and maintain erection for long time because of low flow rate of blood. For a penis to get satisfactory erection, blood flow should be high which happens when the person is feeling sexually excited. In case of affected person, the blood flow does not increase with the sexual excitement. It is due to the activity of an enzyme responsible for the blood flow. Depression, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are those things which become the cause of reducing the activity of enzyme. As a result, it becomes difficult for the person to get penile erection and he becomes impotent. This kind of impotency cannot be cured but some medicines are available in markets which are used for sexual dysfunction treatment. The sole purpose of using these medicines is to enhance the performance of that enzyme so that blood flow become normal and the penis get back its erection.

Following are some causes of impotence in males:

1- Diabetes

2- Atherosclerosis

3- Stroke

4- Neurological damage

5- Prostrate surgery

6- Obesity

7- Stress

8- Depression

After knowing these causes, you must try to do those things which can help you in avoiding these causes. According to my knowledge, good diet and healthy exercises can help you a lot in preventing these causes. Besides this, you can also spend some of your time with family and friends, and can share your problems with them so that you can avoid stress and depression. Go to bed early, rise early, go for exercise, work out at gym, do cycling and walking etc to maintain your better health. These all activities will definitely keep you away not only from sexual dysfunction but also from many severe health problems which are very common in people. You can know more about impotence in men from different articles too.