Common Myths Regarding Impotence

Most men suffering from impotence think that their sex life is ruined forever. However, this is just one of the several scary myths surrounding this condition. Below is a discussion that helps to demystify some of the common myths about impotence:

Impotence is Associated With Aging

It is a fact that impotence occurs older men of forty years are at high risk of impotency, but this does not imply that youths can never be affected by the disorder. As a result of this myth, some young people suffering from it have even thought that they are ageing prematurely, which is totally untrue. Your lifestyle choices can greatly put you at risk of becoming impotent. Examples of such choices include smoking, drug use, stress, excessive alcohol drinking, and obesity. Changing these habits and adopting a healthy lifestyle is key to reducing the chances of getting ED.

Lack of Erection Means Lack of Attraction

It is largely assumed that when a man cannot erect, then he no longer has feelings for his wife/girlfriend. This is not true and several men will attest to this fact. Some women may not understand this, and that is why as the man, you need to let your partner know that you still love her and is attracted to her to clear any doubts she might have.

Impotence Exists in the Mind

In the past, many people believed in psychological problems as the only cause of this disorder. This is true, but over the years, people have come to realize that there are other causes of impotence besides psychological issues.

Too Much Masturbation Causes Impotency

Some people believe that impotency can result from excessive masturbation. So far, there is no proof that link these two factors, which means that it is just a myth. However, research has found out that watching pornography excessively has a psychological effect on people. Perhaps the over-excitement associated with watching porn can make men insensitive to normal sexual feelings, thus contributing to lack of erection.

The Only Cure for Impotence is Viagra

It is true that Viagra has gained popularity with regards to ED treatment. However, this does not make it the only effective treatment available in the market. Other drugs that work similarly to Viagra that you may want to consider include Cialis, Stendra, Staxyn and Levitra.

Herbs Can Effectively Treat ED

People have come up with several herbal remedies on the internet to treat almost every ailment, including impotency. Take note that to date, there is no known herbal treatment that has successfully treated ED. Therefore, be careful in case you plan to try herbal medication as some of them may have dire side effects. Most importantly, seek your doctor's advice prior to taking any herbal medicine.

No Need to Talk to the Doctor about It

Older men form a significant portion of those affected by ED and are usually embarrassed to disclose their problem to anybody, least of all, the doctor. This is should not be the case because there may be an underlying cause of your problem, which if checked by the doctor, can be treated to enable you get back your normal life.

Despite the above myths about impotence, this disorder is treatable. So, if you suffer from it, you need to seek the doctor's advice on how best it can be treated.

Sexual intercourse is very important. Most of the people are able to have sexual intercourse because they are healthy. There are some people who cannot have sex because they are suffering from different sexual problems. The most common sexual problem found in men is erectile dysfunction that is also called as sexual dysfunction in men.


One gets to notice that there is a lot of focus and visibility in the areas of women and children’s health whereas the same cannot be said of Men's health issues. This is not necessarily true. Men too need the same kind of medical awareness and attention as do the others.