Men’s Need Of The Hour

One gets to notice that there is a lot of focus and visibility in the areas of women and children’s health whereas the same cannot be said of Men’s health issues. This is not necessarily true. Men too need the same kind of medical awareness and attention as do the others. There are a lot of specific programs that aim to promote better health management and build awareness amongst men.

Men and women have common health dangers and problems like Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Diseases, Arthritis and Alzheimer’s etc. Similar to women, men too have some specific issues like Prostrate cancer and Erectile dysfunction etc being unique to them. Men and women are built differently in terms of their biological as well as mental makeup and thus we find that the response to health issues and health management is different between men and women.

General awareness of health issues especially with regard to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, nutritious food, personal hygiene and healthy habits is very much necessary for men. It is seen that women are naturally more inclined towards building awareness regarding health and nutrition due to their role as mothers as well as their biological needs and processes that they go through. Men on the other hand are seen to ignore healthy lifestyle and adopt habits that suit them and these habits like smoking, drinking, eating meat and oily food, lack of physical activity make them prone to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension and heart ailments etc. The highest number of throat cancer patients are those who are habitual smokers. Similarly cirrhoses of the liver and other related problems associated with drinking plague men’s health and well being too. In most cases until they become victims of such serious disease, men do not give heed to any warning and continue to adopt the lifestyle that they enjoy the best. However the fact that their health and well being is connected with the well being of the entire family makes it important to educate men about their health and lifestyle.

Apart from the lifestyle diseases, the one major disease that calls for constant re-iteration and education amongst men as well as women is that of safe sex. AIDS/ HIV is the major killer that is threatening people globally. Though women are known to be silent sufferers, there is an urgent need to educate men in the different age brackets regarding the dangers of unsafe sex and free sex. With educating every man regarding safe sex and men’s health, we can also influence and protect women and children from the risk of contracting the dreaded diseases.

Apart from the physical health, men’s mental and emotional health too is an area that calls for attention. Like women men too undergo emotional upsets and mood swings as a result of natural process of aging and andropause etc. However this area has not received much focus and attention from the perspective of men’s health. Men are increasingly becoming vulnerable and prone to depression, tensions, and anxiety attacks owing to various factors including the rat race and career uncertainties as well as due to modern day sedentary lifestyle.

An increase in the awareness of the men’s health issues will also benefit the overall health awareness of the entire family and improve the quality of the family’s lifestyle as well.